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TEDxDhaka 2013 FAQ

We are coming across a few frequently asked questions about the TEDxDhaka 2013: “Problems as Catalysts” event, although most of them are already answered in many of our communications still, here are some Q/A answered for your ease: When’s the event? How long will it run? September 21st, Saturday, 2013. It’s a full day event. […]

TEDxDhakaLive 2013: The first experience of watching a TEDGlobal Conference live in Dhaka

TEDxDhakaLive 2013 was the first TEDxLive event showing a TED Conference live video streaming in Bangladesh. The organizing team of TEDxDhaka were a little skeptic about the success of a simulcast event at first. But after the event they had to change their mind. The event was not flawless, however we surely call it a success! The […]

TEDxDhakaLive 2013 on June 12th!

[Please note: Our main TEDxDhaka event is still scheduled for September 2013!] For the first time we are going to host a TEDxLive event. TEDxLive events are simulcast events showing TED or TEDGlobal live on screen as it happens in main TED venues in Vancouver or Edinburgh. This time we will show 4 sessions of […]

“Problems as Catalysts” : The Theme of TEDxDhaka September 2013

ANNOUNCING THE THEME of TEDxDhaka September 2013 “PROBLEMS AS CATALYSTS” Most of the innovative ideas and solutions might have triggered when we fall into troubles! Often struggles push us forward to think about the innovations. Overcoming the hurdles becomes our challenge that acts as a catalyst for innovations. Broadly at the September 2013 event we […]

Help Us Finding Great Speakers

Identifying known great minds and discovering unheard of voices are the keys to have a great TEDx event. Searching for speakers is a continuous process at TEDxDhaka. And this time we look forward to YOU to help us find out outstanding potential speakers from all walks of life. You can nominate people who you think […]

TEDxDhaka 2013 is coming this September

We are excited to announce that the next big TEDxDhaka event is coming this September! Please keep an eye on this website and our social networks (Facebook, Twitter) to stay updated as we will keep releasing more details. We look forward to seeing you in September!

TEDxDhaka: Be the Change

Yes as you know the date is knocking at the door! It’s on September 22nd! Hail ideas, happy spreading! -TEDxDhaka Team.