“Problems as Catalysts” : The Theme of TEDxDhaka September 2013

TEDxDhaka 2013 Theme: Problems as Catalysts

ANNOUNCING THE THEME of TEDxDhaka September 2013

Most of the innovative ideas and solutions might have triggered when we fall into troubles! Often struggles push us forward to think about the innovations. Overcoming the hurdles becomes our challenge that acts as a catalyst for innovations.

Broadly at the September 2013 event we look forward to listen to those stories of how problems fueled the vehicles of thoughts, imagination and ideas. In technology, science, design, society, politics, media, everywhere we find those amazing stories of creating ground breaking panaceas which are coming out of problems in most cases.

Let’s look at our problems a little differently. Let’s embrace the inner vulnerable state of us human, for a much positive tomorrow. Let’s use what we call as problems as catalyst!

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11 years ago

Am very keen to work as a volunteer in this and interested to through my pitch ….is it possible to do both at same time??? if i want work with TEDx Dhaka in this event when i will be apply nd what should i do….???

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