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Nominate Speakers for TEDxDhaka 2023

Highly likely TEDxDhaka will be back in the third or the fourth quarter of 2023. As we always try to start early, the first step is to start finding the speakers! Help us finding the best minds in the country (or beyond) who can talk about the most pressing matters of our time, that should […]

TEDxDhaka 2017 Rendering Tomorrow: Session 4 “Self-reflection”

Self-Reflection Tayeba Begum Lipi Tayeba Begum Lipi, a Bangladeshi artist, uses art to address gender issues and female identity. In her talk, she lets the visual displays of her work tell the story. Each of her creations are built with everyday articles that seem simple, but fulfills numerous purposes. Razor blade, she recollected, separated her […]

TEDxDhaka 2017 Rendering Tomorrow: Session 3 “The Demography”

The Demography Hussein Elius “Who here likes traffic?” Asked Hussein Elias rhetorically to kick off his talk on the traffic situation of Dhaka, one he is deeply involved with being the co-founder of the largest time-sharing transport company in Bangladesh. He set forth presenting the research and statistics he collected through his venture and tried […]

TEDxDhaka 2017 Rendering Tomorrow: Session 2 “Climate Change is Now”

Climate Change is Now Jalal Ahmad The first talk of this session was by Jalal Ahmad, the Principal Architect of J. A. Architects Ltd. He highlights a pressing problem of global development— climate change—and how it is impacting Bangladesh. He speaks about river bank erosion in Bangladesh and deadly effects that it is having on […]

TEDxDhaka 2017 Rendering Tomorrow: Session 1 “The People’s Tomorrow”

The People’s Tomorrow Talk 1: Faisal Ahmed Many see Bangladesh’s population as a hindrance to development, but not Faisal Ahmed, the Chief Economist of Bangladesh Bank. He starts his talk by illustrating how, in the short 46 years of Bangladesh’s lifetime, the nation has propelled itself above its peers of developing countries in terms of […]

TEDxDhaka 2017 Registration is now OPEN

The application for attending TEDxDhaka 2017 is now open! APPLICATION FORM: DEADLINE: As soon as the seats run out. WHEN: Full day 09:00 – 19:00, November 18th, 2017, Saturday THEME of the event: “RENDERING TOMORROW” As #Bangladesh goes through a period of rapid transition in economic growth, it is set to encounter the impact stemming […]

We Are Setting Up the Team for TEDxDhaka 2017

Yes, we are gearing up again. And the first and foremost work is to gather the team around. Many from the old team will join back of course, while we also want to see new faces in the allegedly the most kickass team in town 😎 Come join hands with us if you have some spare […]