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We are coming across a few frequently asked questions about the TEDxDhaka 2013: “Problems as Catalysts” event, although most of them are already answered in many of our communications still, here are some Q/A answered for your ease:

    1. When’s the event? How long will it run?
      September 21st, Saturday, 2013. It’s a full day event. You have to clear your calendar for the entire day to attend the event. It will run from 10:30 to 18:30.
    2. Where’s the event?
      Really?! You don’t know yet? It will happen at the International School Dhaka (ISD) Auditorium. Check out the venue page for details.
    3. Who are speaking?
      Check out the full speaker lineup.
    4. What’s the theme of the event?
      Speakers are always from diverse disciplines at TEDxDhaka events. However the events generally have an overall broad theme. This time it is “Problems as Catalysts”, read more...
    5. How long is the registration open?
      As long as you can see the form in this page and it is written as ‘open’ there. Apply asap!
    6. Isn’t 2000 taka (25 $) a bit expensive for ticket?
      To many of you, yes it is. We tried our best to keep it low and this we found as the most feasible and reasonable to our capacity. Most of our sponsors or partners are in-kind supporters, mostly they are contributing to small things directly with supplies or goodies. Since we absolutely do not allow any advertisement on stage we hardly get any cash sponsor. We do not make TEDxDhaka a place of rigorous branding but of creative outreach and thoughtful engagements. All fund of TEDxDhaka goes back to developing the event itself.
    7. Doesn’t TED pay for organizing TEDxDhaka?!
      No. TED doesn’t pay the organizers anything. It is fully organized and funded locally and independently by unpaid volunteers, under license and following guidelines from TED.
    8. How do you select the attendees?
      It’s neither random nor first-come-first-serve. We read every single application and decide about someone’s entry to TEDxDhaka individually. We check your ‘openness and enthusiasm’ primarily and there are a few other parameters that we determine from what you write in the form. We also try to keep a balance of diversity.
    9. How do you select the speakers?
      We have a public nomination system open through out the year, check the Speaker Nomination Page. We also pull speakers from outside the nomination. The final selection is the Curator’s call and often based on the collective knowledge and intuition of the organizing team.
    10. I’m attending the event! What else should I know?
      CHECK EMAILS! And you must read .
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