Press+PR Policy

Press Policy

Press and media coverage of the events and about the TEDxDhaka Talks online are always welcome. However a few rules may apply:

Primarily, please note TEDxDhaka is not TED, it is neither ‘the Dhaka Chapter of TED’. It is an independently, locally organized event under license from TED and following the TEDx guidelines. While we appreciate any coverage, we kindly ask that all journalists and/or bloggers be respectful of the difference between the TED and TEDx brands. The ‘x’ in ‘TEDx’ stands for “independently organized events.” Any headline or text which implies “TED” is coming to [location] is misleading.
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General PR Rules

  • Anyone is welcome to write/blog/tweet/flickr/instagram about TEDxDhaka anytime.
  • All official communications about ‘TEDxDhaka’ must be routed through Mohammad Tauheed, he may be contacted only via email: [email protected]
    Any content published/transmitted beyond his knowledge/concern in any media about TEDxDhaka is not authorized as official and will be regarded as personal comments of the author or the media.
  • Any comment/content/information about ‘TED’ must be routed through and approved by the TEDx program’s media liaison, Melody Serafino, email: [email protected]. The TEDxDhaka team is not authorized to officially comment about ‘TED’.

At/during the Event

  •  Journalists are most welcome to attend the event as regular attendees (our regular attendance rules apply,  journalists have to apply as attendees, get accepted and pay for the ticket if there’s any fees, or be invited as a personal guest), we generally do not send any official invitation to any media to cover the event at the venue. However, journalists are always welcome to write about TEDxDhaka, the event, speakers, ideas, projects etc.
  • There may not be any special privilege/arrangement for journalists at the event. Journalists may not expect any special access, free pass, reserved seat, technical arrangements etc at the venue. They will be regarded equally as other attendees.
  • Journalists can not record video/audio at the event inside the auditorium.
  • Journalists may not be allowed to enter the event with any ‘recognizable logo of their media’ i.e: camera/ microphone/ recorder/ uniform or any article/gadget that has a visible logo/name of their ‘media organization’ will NOT be allowed inside a TEDxDhaka venue.
  • Members of the press are not allowed to take pictures of or film/videotape at the event. We will provide links where we will post high quality photos of the event, during or right after the event.
    Generally you are free to use any photo from our official Flickr without permission or payment 

You may wonder why we don’t want journalists to be visible at the event: We want to make people feel comfortable, easy and open. Presence of TV camera / Radio microphone disturbs the comfortable ambience. We also don’t want to make anyone feel ‘less important’. We believe every single attendee and speaker at TEDxDhaka is extraordinary and equal. Since you possibly can not interview them ALL, we want you to do it as discretely as possible. The ban over recording video/audio is a policy set by TED and there will be no exception. As we believe we know the best about how to deal with the videos of our talks and we want to avoid random piece of videos of the same contents floating around YouTube. So for videos you have to wait until we publish them.

For TEDxDhaka official logo, photographs, press-releases, videos, write-ups or any further information regarding TEDxDhaka please write to Mohammad Tauheed, email: [email protected].

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