TEDxDhaka 2017 Registration is now OPEN

TEDxDhaka 2017 Rendering Tomorrow open

The application for attending TEDxDhaka 2017 is now open!

APPLICATION FORM: http://bit.ly/TEDxDhakaApply
DEADLINE: As soon as the seats run out.
WHEN: Full day 09:00 – 19:00, November 18th, 2017, Saturday
THEME of the event:

As #Bangladesh goes through a period of rapid transition in economic growth, it is set to encounter the impact stemming from transitioning. We need to prepare to embrace the changes. We need to renew our actions, bring new ideas and take fresh initiatives to bring a humane and inclusive future.
This year’s TEDxDhaka will focus on various aspects of preparing and rendering a better tomorrow in the new economic era amid the fourth industrial revolution.
The discussion on this year’s theme turned to addressing challenges the country will be facing, which includes mentions of striving to improve infrastructure, addressing the fallout from climate change, the need to proactively engaging in improved health-care facilities, food-safety and human-rights, and several others.

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