TEDxDhaka 2016 on December 10th


TEDxDhaka 2016: “Living Out Loud”

“We are each one of us a narrative, to be unlocked and amplified so that others can be moved, touched, inspired. Like that feeling when someone makes a spot-on analogy, and you realize that in all this diversity there is a common string of experience uniting all 7 billion of us. And our stories are marked by courage, nerve and a fair amount of recklessness. These stories unravel in the telling because we are not islands – we are reverberating, pounding, shouting, shining, beings – living out loud.”

This year’s TEDxDhaka will be taking place on Saturday, December 10, 2016.

Register here:

Do you know someone who might be a great potential speaker for TEDxDhaka 2016? Nominate them, or even yourself, at https://tedxdhaka.com.bd/nominate.

If you have applied for Living Out Loud program before, you don’t have to apply again, you will be communicated.

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