TEDxDhaka 2014 Session 4

Our fourth and final session of the day was more light-hearted than the former ones, yet full of life. We began with a dreamer and achiever in the field of robotics, followed by an amazing cartoonist duo, who captured the attention of the attendees with their magical animation. Last, but certainly not least was Yamin Khan, the popular Dhaka comedian.


The first speakers for our final session were Kushboo and Rakib.


Almost every 90’s kid is familiar with the popular science fictional character, Robocop. Khushboo was no different; she was fascinated by robots and all things science.

Kushboo’s journey began with her spouse who is also a tech lover, in their small home lab. Her first invention was a “vanilla ice cream box.” Kushboo quit her day job and the pair set off on a journey filled with robotic endeavors.

To this day, Khushboo and her husband Rakib, have had a few many breakthroughs. Their biggest achievements include participating in the NASA Lunabotic Competition, where they designed a robot that can collect soil samples on the moon. “We wish to make an advanced self-configured robot in the future,” she said.

“People often ask me, what’s my vision?” Khushboo reflected. “We don’t have any vision; we do what time requires of us.”


Our second pair of speakers in this section were cartoonists Manik and Ratan.


“We doodled everywhere,” they began. At a young age, they would draw in any blank space they could find.

Their cartoon journey began when they sent some of their regular artwork to Unmad, a cartoon magazine. Soon enough, they got a call from Ahsan Habib, a professional cartoonist.

However, the pair faced an obstacle: their parents wanted them to become computer engineers. In their final computer class presentation, their software project was a flop, but their animated cartoon work was a huge hit.

“We realized that we were not on the right track,” explained one of the twins. “We had to switch to something we were passionate about.”

Eventually they convinced their parents to let them switch to graphic design. Now, they are some of the top global digital artists. Their work has been featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, and even the TED website.

“Everything was possible because of the courage we had to choose our own path and pursue our own dream,” they said.


Last but not least, comedian Yamin Khan took the stage to close out TEDxDhaka 2014.


“As far as I know, I am Yamin Khan,” he began. “Among all the speakers, I am the one with the least accomplishments.”

He revisited the previous speakers’ achievements, inviting a round of applause for all of them.

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