TEDxDhaka 2014: Breaking Barriers

TEDxDhaka 2014 Breaking Barriers

Enough of anticipation, it’s time for the annual TEDxDhaka conference, we are getting ready and so should you!

This year’s TEDxDhaka will take place on November 22nd and the theme is “Breaking Barriers”. So we resurrected in 2012 with a dream of a “” followed by being the change (TEDxDhaka 2012 ), facing some problems and using it as catalysts for the change (TEDxDhaka 2013 ) and now we are up for Breaking Barriers, overcoming all the obstacles and forging a new era. TEDxDhaka Breaking Barriers will take place on November 22nd 2014.

This year we will look forward to stories of rising from ashes, tackling difficulties, turning problems into catalysts and thus breaking the barriers to create, innovate and change. As always we are looking into a diverse group of individuals as speakers. Our speaker nomination form is open throughout the year, please help us finding unheard off voices, amazing new chapters of known stories, brilliant ideas, technological marvels, scientific discoveries, stories of changing people’s lives… nominate here https://tedxdhaka.com.bd/nominate

The registration application for attending the event is now open! Click HERE to apply.

Please keep an eye on our social networks Facebook, Twitter for updates.

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