Privacy Policy


  1. We respect your privacy.
  2. We want to encourage connection between TEDxDhaka members, but not if it violates the above principle.
  3. We will never sell your data to any third party.
  4. We will not use or share information obtained from social media or other outlets about you without your knowledge.
  5. We will never provide any of your data to a third party without your written permission.
  6. We will ensure that you can determine which pieces of the information you provide us are shown to other people
  7. We ask you to respect the privacy preferences of other TEDxDhaka members.
  8. We ask you to remember that any information you choose to post publicly (comments, photos, videos) on this site is, of course, public

On-site: During the Event

  1. You may be on camera“. By attending a TEDxDhaka event you¬†automatically¬†give us the permission to take your photos/videos at the event and we may publish those to any media without your further permission.
  2. We encourage you to tweet and blog about the event and the talks. However, please do not tweet/blog/Facebook about other fellow attendees without their permission. Example: You may not tweet/facebook something like this “OMG I am sitting next to Bill Gates!”.
  3. You may take photos at the event (without using flash). Please post all the photos you take on Flickr with the tag ‘TEDxDhaka’ and ‘TEDx’.
  4. Respect other attendees’ privacy. If someone is not comfortable to take photo with you, please drop the request immediately after politely asking once.
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